Professional Horse Boarding – Bend, Oregon

Some Day Farm offers horse boarding to the entire west coast including: Washington, Oregon, and California.  One of the benefits to boarding your horse at Some Day Farm in Bend, Oregon is that we have people on site at all times and the horses are monitored 24 hours a day.  Horses are high maintenance animals and having a good staff that communicates and works well together is crucial.  Some Day Farm has the knowledge to keep horses competing at a high level.  Some Day Farm offers customized grooming, feeding, turnout, chiropractors, massage therapists, veterinary care, farrier services and dressage training.

Horse Boarding Includes:

• Well bedded stalls
• Stall mucking daily
• Blanketing
• Farrier supervision and scheduling
• Vet supervision and scheduling
• Worming- Billed separately
• Blanket Cleaning by Debby’s tack Wash & Repair – Billed Separately
• Night Check- Owners live on site and offer 24 hour a day monitoring
• Three daily feedings (Premium Grass Hay or Alfalfa)
• Grain twice a day – (XTN, Safe Choice, Cobb, Equine Senior, Beet Pulp, Bran Mash)

We are located at 20361 Tumalo Rd in Bend, Oregon. Our state-of-the-art hunter jumper facility offers quality and professional guidance so you can experience horse boarding and training at its highest level.  Some Day Farm will provide all necessary supplies needed to insure proper care. Call 541-848-8519 or email for more information about our horse boarding or horse sales.