Hunter Jumper and Equitation Training

Some Day Farm offers professional horse training in several disciplines to riders of all skill levels.  The barn is open Tuesday through Sunday and training and lessons are offered from 8:00am–6:00pm.  Monday is a quiet non-operating day but owners are allowed to ride horses on Mondays if they please.  Some Day farm offers Hunter, Jumper and Equitation training in Central Oregon and is located at 20361 Tumalo Rd. Bend, Oregon 97701.  Call 541-848-8519 or email for more information on our horse training programs.


Horse Training for All Ages

We can offer horse training to virtually anyone young or old. The individual just needs to have the desire to become an excellent rider and the dedication to practice and work hard.  At Some Day Farm you don’t even need to own your own horse. We have horses for kids that can be ridden during training sessions. If you have any questions about horse training, hunter jumper training, equitation, horse boarding, or horseback riding lessons, call 541-848-8519 or email